Friday, 30 October 2015

Visiting an old French farm

Today I had the great pleasure of going inside this beautiful French farm, built in the 18th century. 

Everytime I come to Picardie in the northen part of France, I pass by this enormous farm. It always catches my eyes and makes me wonder about what it might look like in the inside. Old doors and windows, patina perfection everywhere you look! 

It seems abandoned from the outside, I found out later that it's been more than 40 years since anyone lived in this forgotten gem full of history and treasures. This is all making me more and more curious! 

A man aproches me. An old farmer who turns out to be one of the 4 owners of the farm. A farmer himself, he tells us about his family and how three generations have lived in this place that now stands unloved and forgotten for over 40 years.

I asked him if we could visit the inside of this amazing farm. The rest is all in picures... 

One of the front doors lets me know this is going to be good... 

Patina at its best! 

How cute is that little door! 

Vintage wallpaper decorates every room. 

This print was one of my favorites!

And then I saw these doors and my heart stopped for a second... 

He was so nice showing us around. Proud and ashamed at same time because this house that he loves so much is in such ruins... 

I still loved it and appreciated every single detail with astonishement! 

I was so lucky to have passed by here today and to have bumped into this man who so kindly opened the doors of this great home and let us take a peak into the French 18th century.