Sunday, 2 August 2015

I’m originally from Venezuela. I moved to Paris 5 years ago and fell in love with this beautiful city, but how can you not? The architecture was one of those things that caught my eye straight away. The Haussmanien buildings with their exquisite molding on the ceilings are one of the most beautiful features of a Parisian home.

Going to French vintage markets became my obsession. Finding unique charming pieces to decorate my home. There’s that feeling when you know you’ve found what I like to call a “treasure”, that unique little charming piece from the past that you have to bring home, otherwise you risk never finding it again.

Flea markets or how the French call them “brocant” is where I find all my treasures. Vintage finds are my biggest thrill. To me they are forgotten gems waiting to be found and loved again. It’s the history they hide within them that I want to rediscover. The beauty of a hand-made piece. The patina, the worn-out colors, the imperfections. These are all characteristics that fascinate me and that I look for in every vintage object that catches my eyes.

My style combines the French glamour with the modesty and charm of an old English cottage. It’s in the mixing of these two that I find the perfect balance between beauty and warmth.

And of course there’s the color palette. Whites, soft, worn out colors are my favorites. I also like to leave a few pieces in their original vintage gold paint to add some old glamorous charm, but I stick to my color palette no matter what.

There’s also my love of flowers and their perfection that fascinates me. Flowers are a source of inspiration for me. I always keep fresh flowers at home and even find it hard sometimes to get rid of them once they’ve started fading away. I appreciate their beauty in every stage of their lives.

I live in a small Parisian apartment but my dream is to have a big garden where I can plant my all my favorite flowers; Roses, Peonies and Hydrangeas.

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  1. So beautiful. . Love your color palette and attention to detail