Monday, 21 December 2015

Visiting Shabby Chic NYC store

When I decided to spend Christmas with my family in New Jersey, one of the things that popped immediately into my mind was, that means I'll get to go to the Shabby Chic store in NYC for the second time this year! What a privilege for someone that lives in Paris, the city of romance and Limoges China but no Shabby stores. 

I'm such a big fan of Rachel and her work through all these years and her NY store is definitely one of my favorite places to visit when I'm in New York. I always find tons of inspiration browsing and scanning around this magnificent place. 

A beautiful white Christmas tree welcomes us. I can feel already my exciment to get in and start scanning the place with my mesmerized eyes.

I love the wallpaper in this room. So many people would be afraid of using a flowery wallpaper but for me a vintage wallpaper is the perfect way to get that old/cottage look that I love so much! 

And what about those white French doors. They remind me so much of the doors I have back at home in my Parisian apartment. These are a lot prettier tho! Those carved glass panels are the perfect way to add an extra touch of elegance and charm.

This room works perfectly for me. The color palette and the textures marry perfectly with exquisite harmony in this cozy, country, chic dining room. 

Ruffles paradise!

This nex spot stole my heart. That blue vintage console is perfect for adding a pop of color that's still subtle and within the palette. It's a nice way to tone down the ruffles and the flowery wall. 

A big chunky wooden table blends so well in this charming dining room.

I'm a happy visitor! 


In case you were wondering, not everything in this store is flowery and feminine. There's also place for neutral and sober. But then of course you need a gorgeous chandelier to make it work ;) 


The reflection on this mirror lets us know we're in dreamland. The harmony of the colours is mellow, smooth and peaceful . 

A living room that is all about neutrals, maybe I'd like it better if it had some flowers on the table... And that's just the magic of flowers for me...

I want some of this beauty to take home with me! Need to get serious! 

Off I went looking for easy-to-travel gems. For me is all about fabrics, one of the things Rachel does best! Linens, napkins and curtains. Prints and textures, she gets it so well. They are all gorgeous!

What a great visit! I know you want to know if I bought anything..?! Well, how can you just leave this place empty-handed?

   These are some if the beauties I came back with. Can't wait to get home and start enjoying them! 

Beautiful living is what I love most!

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