Friday, 26 February 2016

The Art Of Beautiful Living...

Beautiful living is all about creating a space that makes you feel good. It's as easy as to go and get fresh flowers every week. After all, flowers do make everything look pretty! I think home is the most special place, and to make it beautiful certainly means to live a beautiful life.

For me it's all about vintage pieces and romance. It's about time-worn colours and patina. The lovely harmony between shabby and chic.

I love mixing glamour and country. It's as if these two where meant to be together to create that perfect balance between elegance, confort and old time beauty. These vintage country chairs are the final touch  in achieving a relaxed and charming feeling in this whole setting.

As the tittle of the photo above says: "I love creating a beautiful space" And even though I live in a small apartment that doesn't stop me when it comes to creating the prefect ambiance for a special occasion, or any occasion really. 

Pale colours and whites are my favorite and they are so easy to blend with each other. You just can't get it wrong! 

For this setting I added a pop of dark fuchsia with those beautiful wilting roses. I love and embrase flowers in every stage of their lives, allowing them to shine in their decadence, aren't they pretty?!

I also like to spread around a few petals and to make the table look effortless even if it took me hours to figure out where to place that teacup! Attention to detail can be fascinating and very well appreciated!

Flowers are a must-have in my home and settings. I just feel there's some sort of magic within them. They make everything look pretty and pretti-er. They inspire me and make me feel good, I think their infinite beauty has a certain power over those who look closely at them. 

My French vintage china is pretty much all flowery but I also have a few plain white china to compensate for a possible outburst of flower madness! For me it's all about mixing patterns and not having a set that is all the same. So whenever I go treasure-hunting I'm always in the search for new pieces to mix with my other patterns. 

 But without a question there's nothing prettier than vintage china, and if it's French even better!

I just love time-worn patina and faded colours. And that's what fascinates me about this chair! That country, modest, relaxed look. The beautiful dark wood breaking through the old white paint. Pure gorgeousness. 

So as you can see, creating a beautiful table setting is very easy, just get a simple white linen 
to dress up your table (that allows you to have a blank canvas to play with). Add mix-matched vintage china, a few candles and lots of flowers! 

We are having Champagne tonight, and the fact that it's pink is no coincidence ;) 

Have a beautiful living experience!