Saturday, 19 November 2016

Let me share with you some of my latest finds!

As you know I go treasure-hunting every week. And sometimes I come back home with the most amazing finds! Like this beautiful vintage French hand-made lace! 

I can only imagine the patience and skills you must have to make something as wonderfully detailed as this. It's just magical.

Isn't this the most gorgeous lace you've ever seen?! 

And I know whenever I feel like that about something, I rarely leave it behind!

I love collecting vintage china. And I don't ever seem to have enough! 

(For vintage French china visit my Etsy shop: myshabbywhites and website:

There's something so whimsical about antique carousel horses. I really wish I could have one of this in my place one day. But I know, first I need to move to a bigger place! Meanwhile I keep on dreaming!

Books form the 1800's. Perfect in every way...

All of these beautiful finds and so many more is the reason why I love treasure hunting so much!

Do what you love, and love what you do, no better motto than that!

Much love, 



  1. Wow what beautiful treasures You have found. I'm in love with the pink china. Very lovely pictures dear.
    I wish You a lovely day 💕


  2. I'm in love with your fabulous French books. the colors are the best!
    Mary Alice