Monday, 17 October 2016

A simple yet beautiful table. Mixing my vintage French china and flatware is what makes everything extra special in this setting. A treat to the eyes.

Uncomplicated beauty, that's what my style is all about.

Vintage French flatware and china, real treasures from the old times. They have so many details everywhere that you don't really need to add much more to your table, just a pretty bunch of flowers of course!

When it comes to vintage flatware I like mine a little tarnished, this allows me to create a more easy-going feeling and to add that vintage look that I'm so obsessed with...

The perfect balance between shabby and chic.

Beautiful living is all about wanting to make every spot and every moment special.

If the intention is there, you can make it. Start by getting some flowers, they have the power of changing the way everything looks, because everything looks better when there are flowers.  

In living beautifully you share love with those around you and specially with yourself. Because love comes from within and the it spreads around.

Flowers everywhere, flowers always.

Much love,



  1. Dearest Adriana <3
    I love your idea of how beautiful living is. Your pictures are so calm and lovely, and its not so diffucult to make a beautiful tablesetting, when you use your ideas. And you are so right about flowers... they make everything look so much better. I´m very inspired by your fantastic blog.
    I wish you a lovely evening.


  2. Thank you so much dear. That means a lot to me :) Have a lovely day!