Sunday, 2 October 2016

My living-room is forever changing. This time I've added a few vintage boho Kilim cushions to bring a pop of colour to this room. They do the job and I love them. Boho style really speaks to me. 

And something I really love about these cushions is that they can easily go on the floor 
and they are very comfy to seat on. It doesn't get better than that! 

I chose tones that I know can mix well with my shabby chic style and furniture and voilá, they are perfect.

Cozy, a key word for me. A nice comfy sofa, a little throw, mushy cushions and as many flowers as you can get, a magic combination for creating a cozy space.   

These shoes aren't made for walking! 

Every now and then I take the dust off my pretty high heels and take them for a night out in Paris. 
Oh la la! Love-Hate relationship at its best! Glamour and elegance, you can be so mean to us! 

The forever contradiction in a woman's life. However, pain versus high-heels doesn't seam to be a fare battle. Only a woman knows how pain can sometimes be so overrated! ...Right?! ;)

Lets take a look at these pretty flowers and forget all about pointy shoes!

I brought these lovely flowers all the way from the countryside. They grow everywhere and naturally decorate the garden. I love how they are so easy going yet cheery and blissful. They are also the perfect color to go against my Florentin tables. 

I know you know that. Yes, I love home. And it is my favorite place to be! (Along with nature, the beach and Rachel Ashwell's shop! lol...)

Making a place a Home means bringing in details that inspire you and connect you with good feelings. Using colours that talk to your soul. 

My kitchen is small yet cozy. In a small home every detail counts! I recently purchased these gorgeous vintage French lace curtains which I used to decorate my kitchen doors. It was really the perfect touch and I love it very much!

That's it. Another little tour around my Parisian home. It's so nice to wake up to this view everyday...

Is your home your favorite place? If not, what are you waiting for?

Lots of love,


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