Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Being in the countryside is like fuel to my soul. 

Since I came to Europe, I first spent several years in England and then France. I fell in love with both countries and inspiration just kept flowing.

When visiting the countryside I always got that feeling of "home-coming" and that meant so much to me. I didn't know what was it. The old "fairytale" like houses, the history behind each place, the fresh air, the wild and free nature, the ever so cute cows and goats in the fields, or just everything together. 

Love for the countryside flows in my vains, even tho I'm a caribbean girl from Venezuela! 

At the end home is where your heart is, and your heart can be at many places!

Find your calling and go for it!

It's because of that deep love for cottages and farms that I always add a touch of raw wood and rustic pieces. I mix it with my white and pastel color palette and voilá! Country chic at its best!

It's in combining textures and styles that you can find your own voice. One that talks to your heart.

To my eyes, everything is more beautiful when is a little faded and a little (or a lot) old. For me, time worn marks are what makes an objet ever so special. A real treasure.

And when it comes to setting a table, vintage pieces and a little lace please!

I love having fancy china and silverware. But what I love the most is mixing them with down to earth, easy-going elements like this rustic wood table.

These roses are so beautiful! I'm in love with flowers, but I know you already figured that out ;)

Create your own style.

Surround yourself with beauty and live a beautiful life.

Much love,



  1. Dear Adriana
    Your pictures are so beautiful. Thank you for all the inspiration.
    I wish you a lovely evening 🌸