Monday, 24 October 2016

Welcome to my Haussmannian apartment! 

Ornate mouldings, parquet floors, marble fireplaces and double door floor-lenght windows are amongst the treasures that you find in an Haussmannian apartment. The signature 
architecture of Paris. 

An architectural art-work and a real treat to the eyes! 

As you may know from seing my pictures and following me on Instagram, I live in this petit apartment in the center of Paris. I've been living here for almost 5 years now and trough all this time I've added all sorts of bits and pieces that I've treasured trough the years and new ones that keep coming, and I've managed to create a place that it's dear to me and that I lovingly call home

Details everywhere, from the ceiling to the doors and windows, make this apartment a real jewel. 

All this French outburst of details create a very chic/Parisian atmosphere that I kindly try to tone down with my shabby decor. 

Faded colours and timeworn treasures fill this house with humble beauty.

This view from the living room into the kitchen shows an open space that is cozy, peaceful and 
charming, a perfect place to live in :)

A fireplace in the bedroom? yes please! That is so French, and I'm so lucky to have this little wonder as the first thing I see when I wake up in the mornings. 

Even tho it's forbidden to make use of your fireplace in Paris, almost every single French apartment has at least one of these (specially old buildings) and nevertheless they get to be used as decoration accents. And boy are they pretty!

Bedroom prettiness.

Another classical French architectural accent is the windows. Not only they are big, and when I say big I mean almost 2 meters long big. But they are stunningly detailed and beautiful.

And I'm lucky enough to have 2 more sets of these windows in my kitchen! Now I'm just bragging I know... ;p

Did you noticed the little guy in the bottom of the window? isn't that just fabulous?! 

And there is of course those French panel doors. White and gorgeous, they are just perfect! They have made me so aware of how important it is to have nice doors. They can really dress up a place and add so much charm. 

These wonderful doors separate the bedroom from the living room and I have to admit it, 
I have a big crush on them! 

Together with my partner we have tried a few times to move to a bigger place.  I never seem to find anything that pleases me as much as this apartment. A state agent said to me once: "Madame, I think you are in love with your apartment..." I said to him, you know what, I AM.

My advice to you all, be in love with your home and make it a wonderful place, it is the easiest way to living a beautiful life.

Much love,


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